Bauddhayan Mukherji a.k.a. 'Buddy'


One of the leading ad filmmakers of India, Bauddhayan Mukherji better known as Buddy, was born and brought up in Calcutta. He is the son of a schoolteacher mom and a poet father and was introduced to the world of music, arts and literature at a very young age.


A student of South Point School, Bauddhayan like all other Bengalis, was good at academics but his mind always lay elsewhere. When he was only 11, he was gifted a copy of the book “Ekei Boley Shooting” (All About Shooting) written by Satyajit Ray, and that changed his life forever. At that age he decided to become a filmmaker!


Ever since then, Bauddhayan has followed his heart and walked on the footsteps of his idol. After school, Bauddhayan started majoring in Economics at St Xavier’s College – and that too because Satyajit Ray had studied economics! And just like him, he quit economics after graduation. Bauddhayan then joined the Clarion College of Advertising, the same organization (the then D J Keymer) where Ray had joined in due course.


Thus advertising became Bauddhayan’s means to an end but not the end itself.


Today Bauddhayan runs his own production house called Little Lamb Films and is considered a path breaker in Indian advertising filmmaking. He has directed more than 300 television commercials and won numerous international awards.


In 2010, Bauddhayan went on to win the prestigious Silver Lion at Cannes – the Oscars of ad films. He also won two back to back One Show merits at New York, back to back Spikes Asia Golds at Singapore, silver at the London International Awards and many more at the Goafests, Effies, Midas, Srijon Samman, RAPA, IDPA et al.


Offers to direct Hindi features started coming Bauddhayan’s way in Bombay, but his heart was set on a Bengali feature – his first film had to be Bengali! It was Bauddhayan’s way of paying his respect to the language, which opened his doors of perception and gave him the platform to explore and express himself. Teenkahon was born out of that desire.


Though Teenkahon is Bauddhayan’s debut feature film as a director, this is not the first time he has dabbled in movies. He has been the executive producer of the cult Bengali film Patalghar which started the new wave of Bengali films in early 2000.


Bauddhayan like his idol dabbles in several art forms. He loves writing – he is the only living Bengali poet to have been featured in Penguin’s Anthology of Indian Nonsense. He is also passionate about music – Bauddhayan and friends run Chhutir Pathshala, a Bengali organisation in Bombay which educates the non resident Bengali kids with the Bengali ways of living. Bauddhayan is a professional voiceover artist, an occasional actor and handy singer.


Bauddhayan lives in Bombay with his wife Mona and daughter Aarsha. Teenkahon has been produced by Bauddhayan and Mona under the banner of their own production house, Little Lamb Films.  


Avik Mukhopadhyay


Three time National Award winning cinematographer, Avik got inspired to be behind the lens after watching Satyajit Ray’s Aparajito during his Durgapur days. An FTII Graduate where his love for cinema found new meaning through the works of Tarkovsky & Bergman, Avik is a firm believer of ‘different’ cinema and is always looking to experiment. A master innovator, Avik has also ventured into direction with his critically acclaimed feature Ekti Tarar Khnojey.


Monalisa Mukherji


She was one of Indian advertising’s first casting directors, the first woman to head the production wing of Equinox Films. Today Mona dons many a hat – she is a published poet (her Kuchh Baked Kavitayein has created quite a flutter in the Hindi poetry scene), an entrepreneur (she is the founder director of Little Lamb Films), a production designer, a costume stylist and has finally turned a producer with Teenkahon.


Abhinandan Banerjee


Storyteller, painter, storyboard artist, screen play writer, filmmaker, publisher. And he is barely into his 20s. Abhinandan is no short of a prodigy and like all true prodigal sons he is lazy, obese and a college drop out.  These are signals enough to tell us that one day he will make a name for himself. A voracious reader - Abhinandan eats, drinks, sleeps films – and justifiably he has been the driving force behind Teenkahon.


Arghyakamal Mitra


One of the most respected editors in the country, Arghyakamal won his first National Award for Rituparno Ghosh's feature Abohomaan. An FTII alumnus, Arghyakamal has dabbled in television (having directed very successful soaps and game shows) and also in feature films as a director of the Bengali feature Chhoy (six stories about the six sins).

Arghayakamal has an envious filmography which includes Dahan, Paromitar Ek Din, Shubho Mahorat, Chokher Bali, Raincoat, Herbert, Last Lear, Antaheen, Bhooter Bhobishyat, Kangal Malsat et al.


Bishwadeep Chatterjee


Sound designer par excellence, Bishwadeep recently won the National Award for his film Madras Cafe’. An FTII graduate, he has effortlessly switched between Bengali & Hindi films and through his sound design and music mixes has brought to life critically acclaimed films like 3 Idiots, Patalghar, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Bobby Jasoos, The Last Lear, Parineeta, Chitrangada, Chnader Pahar etc. 


Malay Bhattacharya


A film maker, a production designer and an occasional actor – Malay is known for his stunning directorial debut Kahini (1997) which fetched him a National Award. Malay is today regarded as one of the most respected minds in Bengali cinema and has been associated with films like Teen Ekke Teen, The Japanese Wife, Paanch Adhyay. 


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Monalisa Mukherji

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Chhutir Pathshala (Chorus)


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Anindya Chatterjee

Bauddhayan Mukherji

Musical Arrangement

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Arnab Chakraborty


A winner of ‘K’ for Kishore – the musical talent show, the amazingly talented Arnab has been a playback singer for many a films including Khakee, Family, Gundey etc.  It was all but natural that someone as brilliant as Arnab would one day take the plunge in music direction. Teenkahon marks his debut as a music director.


Kedhhar Barrve

Born and brought up in Pune, Kedhhar Barrve, the quintessential Marathi turk wanted to win battles since childhood.

Little did he know that once out of college he will be fighting deadlines, budgets and constraints in his avatar of one of India’s youngest and finest Executive Producer. Kedhhar has worked on over 200 advertisement films and has been associated with multiple Cannes winning projects. He has been with Little Lamb films for the last 5 years and as it’s International Producer is responsible for all LLF’s international ventures.

Teenkahon is Kedhhar’s first foray into feature films. 




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