Anomaa Rajakarunaa

Film Curator, Colombo

It's one of the best Indian films I have seen recently and the best Bengali debut I have seen in a long time.

Nandana Sen

Actor, New York

Teenkahon pays beautiful tribute to 3 distinct eras and genres of Bangla cinema – from the rustic, delicate black-and-white lyricism inspired by Satyajit Ray, to the gritty urban thriller of today, rippling with commercial songs and violent romance. Presenting three stories stunningly shot in starkly different styles, Teenkahon delivers us a fresh and unique voice, in a very special film.

Mita Vashisht

Actor, Mumbai

 "...felt the luminosity of a piece of jewellery which was made up of three precious gems...this morning can see each gem separately and see it's many facets ---each one beautifully and lovingly and skilfully made by a master craftsman (not to forget the master crafts woman) and their team. A fine film (s)--- beautifully realised at every level..."

Laurent Glattli


I watched Teenkahon today in Paris at the Festival du Film d'Asie du Sud Transgressif (FFAST), and I regret I could not stay a little longer to tell Mr. Mukherji how much I loved the movie. Thanks for this wonderful and moving moment of cinema!

Debarati Ghosh


Watched Teenkahon here in Dubai on Friday, 6th February at the Bengali Film Festival here, simply a superb experience. Each story is unique in its own essence. The little boy in the first story based on "Nabalok" is brilliant... how effortlessly the kid acted with facial expression and very fewer words... stupendous indeed!!! the use of light, sound and camera is highly laudable. The second story is more based on dialogue, where we as an audience are given the liberty to draw conjectures... the third story, written by the director Bauddhayan himself is simply outstanding and greatly dramatic!!! A Must watch for all !!

Indrani Ray


Must watch movie! Excellent picturization... good songs and outstanding performance by the little boy!! Great work by debut director Bauddhayan Mukherji.

Shabnam Vadhera

Actor, Mumbai

Traveled all the way to PUNE to catch Teenkahon, and was absolutely delighted by it, so intelligently crafted in three parts, which becomes a visual treat by (cinematography by ABHIK) and beautiful sound design, that take u back in black n white era and brings u back with a bang!lovely performances and to match the production design with Time. LOVED it and recommend to all. 

Indrani Sinha


...has given the viewer three poems in motion... I'm a happy soul who is ruminating with her morning coffee about the brilliance one saw on screen yesterday in celluloid...each of the"kahons" were mesmerizing, the subtleties, he detailing, the nuances the praises can be endless, the dialogues ring in my head, the beauty of rural Bengal with the added bonus of monsoon rains robs you of adjectives...

Thank you!!!! Phataphati!!!!

Indian film industry has a great rising star... proud of you Bauddhayan... may you continue to create and mesmerize the world with your meaningful and thought provoking films!!!!

Yeshwant Lawande


Saw the film at IFFI 2014. It was a very good film. Personally thanked the director for giving a good film. It was a nice thought provoking film. 3 good stories, beautifully filmed and presented. Good casting, screenplay and cinematography. . Thank you to TEENKAHON team . keep making such good films.

Prithvijit Debnath


Watched it in Dubai, today afternoon and truly overwhelmed. All three parts having own identity and separate aesthetic treatment, colour plan and a complete piece of art. Kudos to the whole team. Wish them all round applause from all around the globe. Look forward to the husband-wife team of writer producer and director many more successful ventures in future. Was also floored by the ravishing Rituparna Sengupta.

Sarmistha Mitra


 I am so full of Teenkahon! Loved the movie... after such a long time... in fact I think Bauddhayan... will fill up the empty space in Bangla cinema...which was created when we lost the great filmmaker and storyteller... Satyajit Ray! I am going to follow all his future work from now... my best wishes

Koel Banerjee


...liked it a lot... kudos to the whole team ... a big congratulations to director Bauddhayan Mukherji on making his first movie so appealing.

Shail M'gal


Thank you. It was a pleasure watching your film in Paris at Festival du Film d'Asie du Sud Transgressif (FFAST).

TN Srividya


Superb movie! Each story touching in its own way. Very good casting! Excellent cinematography!  Kudos!

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Jury, Aravindan Puraskaram


"Going by the director's command over the cinematic language and the innovative treatment of the subject, the committee feels that this first-time director will make his presence felt in cinema in the days to come."

The Hollywood Reporter Review


A pleasing triptych of morbid love stories, the Bengali film Three Obsessions (Teenkahon) looks modern even while casting an affectionate glance backward at other periods in Indian cinema. Showing off a surprising stylistic range, director Bauddhayan Mukherji, who comes from the world of TV commercials, couples entertaining stories with sophisticated themes.   

Student, art & movie lover.

Talking about the creepiest, lovable and most palpable movies, I think this one would definitely rank in the top ten. Basically its a compilation of three Bengali films which make you think the heights a person can go to pursue his love, make you scratch your head to fathom whats going on the screen and equally scares and intimidates you, all at the same time. If you’re trying some new language, this will blend in quite nicely. For the good times shown by it, I’ll go with 9/10.

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